Getting comfortable in your vehicle is always a struggle. Even if you have a nice luxury car with leather seats, chances are you’ll experience some discomfort if you’re in the car long enough. And if you’re stuck in traffic, or on a long road trip? Well, then that discomfort turns to stiffness, and that stiffness turns to soreness, and next thing you know, it hurts to walk for a few days.

While car seats can cause some pain in your back and legs, they do most of their damage to your neck. The way you have to sit in a car, especially if you’re the driver, puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your neck. Head rests help provide some support, but they don’t exactly alleviate the discomfort.

That’s why headrest neck pillows were invented. Headrest neck pillows help give support and comfort to your neck, to keep you from getting large knots and tightness on your long drives. And if you’re in the passenger’s seat, or the rear seats, car neck pillows can provide a comfortable spot for you to relax and maybe even fall asleep. So you can imagine a car seat neck pillow kids necessary for your children.

When choosing travel pillows for children, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, kids necks aren’t as strong as adults and so, while memory foam travel pillows may be popular with adults, they tend to be too dense for kids, whose necks aren’t strong enough to push the memory foam back.

So for a kids travel neck pillow, it is best to look for a microbead travel pillow. These small polystyrene beads are more malleable and therefore easier for small kids to move into the right position.

Another feature to look for (and it sounds obvious, but you will be surprised how many aren’t) is that a children’s travel pillow needs to be easy to clean. If you’ve ever been on a flight with a small child, you will know that kids spill things ALL THE TIME.

Being stuck in a confined space for a period of time inevitably means that drinks, food and bodily fluids will get spilt at some point and so you need to make sure that your kids travel cushion is easy to clean.

Toddler pillows will deal with your young ones grime in one of two ways.

1.Machine washable – Simply throw the pillow in your washing machine for a full cycle. Your toddler pillow will emerge cleans the day you bought it.

2.Pillowcase – The toddler pillow will have a removable cover that protects the pillow inside. The cover itself is machine washable while the pillow generally is not.

Finally, a feature we find helpful in a children’s neck pillow is some kind of strap or ability to attach it to your kids luggage, backpack or stroller. This saves it being constantly dropped or dragged along the ground.

If you want to use car seat neck pillow kids for the car, make sure that the pillow is not too thick so that it doesn’t push your child’s neck forward when they are seated in their car seat. From a car safety point of view, you need to ensure that your child’s back is aligned with the back of the seat and that the car seat straps are not loose.