Daily report (12:55)

Second day started with two games that so called home teams lost. First game will be memorable for Serbian players because they managed to score three times against Slovenia in a 31 – 3 loss (3 inn). In the second game of the day Ukraine gave a hard time to Israel in the first 2 innings but Israel had a few hits in a row and finished the game with a 10 – 2 (5 inn).

Third game is in progress on a Field A between Belgium and France. Score is 2 – 2, Top of the 3rd inning.

At 13:00 on the Field B will start game No.10 – Bulgaria : Hungary (N.P.)

6th European Softball Championship Women B Opened

Deputy Mayor City of Zagreb Ljiljana Kuhta Jelicic opened the 6th ECHWB.

Opening ceremony started at 18:46 with the speech of the President of Croatian Softball Association, Mr. Pero Cizmic. Mr.Pero Cizmic welcomed all the teams, thanked the City of Zagreb, Croatian Olympic Committee ant to sponsors and partners hoverboard cost ebay for supporting the tournament.

Eddy van Straelen, ESF during its speech stressed that this is one of the most beautiful softball centers in Europe and he wished all the teams good tournament.

Ljiljana Kuhta Jelicic welcomed the teams, highlighted the importance of this competition taking place in Zagreb and that we that Zagreb and Croatia are proving once again that are part of European and World top sport community. Mrs. Kuhta Jelicic at the end of the ceremony thru the first pitch and competition was opened…

Reception at Palace Dverce

Deputy Mayor City of Zagreb Ljiljana Kuhta Jelicic has welcomed on Monday, 16 of July at the palace of Dverce organizers, umpires and team representatives of participants of the 6th European Softball Championship Women B (16 – 21 July 2007).
Ljiljana Kuhta Jelicic welcomed all the teams and wished them a lot of sports success. She addressed a special thanks to Croatian Softball Association and volunteers who put a great effort and time to organize this competition. President of Croatian Softball Association underlined that all this wouldn’t happen if the City of Zagreb and her self didn’t recognize softball as a sport worth helping.


The ECHWB2007 has started at 11:00 today with the game No.1 between Hungary and Switzerland at field A, and it continued with the game No.2 France Vs. Serbia at field B. There will be some more games before the Opening Ceremony that is scheduled at 18:45. If you want to know more about games and results click here. (N.P.)


We’d like to inform you that game schedule for Monday has been changed due to tight schedule between Opening ceremonies and games before it. Games have been moved about 1 – 1 1/2 hours earlier. TC has approved this change. We hope that this won’t make inconveniences for you.

Please note that TC meeting is at 21:00 on Sunday at Hotel I after which will be ID and bat control.
Teams staying at Hostel Remetinec are kindly asked to walk to Hotel I – 1min walk. Denmark, Bulgaria, Serbia will be picked up at their hotels 30-40min prior to TC start, so please be at the lobby at that time. Hungary and Slovenia are arriving on their own.
Wish you all safe trips to Zagreb and see you all in just 3 days.